Money Coaching

The Financial Vitality Approach:

Vibrant, sustainable financial health starts with you and develops from the inside out.

Financial Vitality Coaching can help you heal and stabilize your finances on three levels: practical, emotional, and spiritual.

  • On the practical level, Financial counseling shows you how to get crystal clear about the flow of money in your life one step at a time and teaches you effective money management principles that let you take and maintain control of your finances. Many people live in a Catch-22 world. As children they weren’t taught basic principles but as adults they need to use money effectively every day to meet even their basic needs. To make matters more complicated talking about money is taboo so it is hard to talk openly with others about money which leads to isolation and shame.
  •  On the emotional level, Financial Counseling provides a safe, compassionate environment for you to explore your deepest thoughts and emotions regarding money. Our financial behavior and results are often guided by our financial history, beliefs, and emotions in ways that we aren’t consciously aware of. When we raise these long buried influences from our past to consciousness awareness we are free to make healthy choices for ourselves instead of repeating dysfunctional money patterns that keep us stuck.
  •  On the spiritual level, financial counseling connects you and your money to your own “true north”, the authentic sense of self that is the source of your deepest values and dreams. After all, money is just a tool or medium of exchange. When we let money rule our lives rather than serve our values, vision, and personal goals we will find ourselves caught in what feels like an endless cycle of compromising our lives for money. When we connect to our values and dreams and create financial well-being that supports our authentic selves we enjoy peace and fulfillment.

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